Toller Start an der diesjährigen P-Mec in Indien

Der erste Messetag war bereits ein grosser Erfolg mit mehreren potentiellen Neukunden. Wir konnten auch weit über der Indischen Landesgrenze neue Kontakte knüpfen und freuen uns auf den weiteren erfolgreichen Messeverlauf!



Englischer Artikel erschienen: Evaluating powder characterisation techniques to optimise a dry granulation process

An experimental study was done to determine the correlations between the dynamic, shear and bulk properties of granules and the roller compaction process variables applied to make them.

Dry granulation by roller compaction is a routinely applied continuous process to convert fine, difficult to handle powders into uniform granular products that flow freely and perform efficiently in subsequent manufacturing steps.

The advantages of roller compaction include relatively modest capital investment, low running and maintenance costs, and high energy efficiency. Particularly suitable for moisture- or heat-sensitive materials and those that require ultra-high containment, dry granulation is an important step in the production of many pharmaceuticals, foods and chemicals[...].

Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering (Jona, Switzerland) is a market leader in the design and supply of premium roller compaction equipment. In this article, results from a collaborative study between Gerteis and Freeman Technology are presented, to identify powder properties that characterise dry granulates in a commercially relevant way and support the optimisation of roller compaction processes. The study assessed the potential of dynamic, shear and bulk powder properties within this context.



Interphex Japan 2017

Interphex Tokyo 2017

Gerteis had a very successful exhibition with new contacts and projects. The superior roller compaction technology was demonstrated with our Macro-Pactor® production machine. This machine enables seamless scale up from low amounts of 100g to production level up to 400kg/h.

Containment roller compactors for production and development have been of high interest during the exhibition. The precise control system of the Gerteis Macro-Pactor® was demonstrated to all visitors during the last three exhibition days. The unique ribbon quality of the Gerteis line sets the mark for the best product quality possible. This machine have been used by the pharmaceutical market leader around the globe.


High Containment at PCI Pharma Services

High Containment at PCI Pharma Services

PCI Pharma Services uses the Gerteis Mini-Pactor® for their OEB5 facility in the UK. The unit supplies unique CRO/CMO capabilities under full containment. The roller compactor can be used for product development activities from 10g upwards to 100gh/h. Customers at PCI experience the superior roller compactor technology in order to gain the best granules properties possible. Small to large volumes are possible. The scale up to production roller compactors is seamless due to the Gerteis technology.

PCI established a state of the art containment facility 3-24 Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate; Tredegar, NP22 3AA, UK.



Interpack 2017 Summary

We would like to say thank for a very successful exhibition. The Gerteis roller compaction technology was demonstrated in detail and we had many exciting project conversation.

We would like to invite you to visit our website more often for the latest news about roller compactors or visit us in Switzerland for trials or seminars.


Successful start at the Interpack 2017

Successful start at the Interpack 2017

We enjoy very good response for our latest roller compaction technology at the Interpack.

The new production roller compactor with containment and WIP cleaning functionality gained the most attention as companies require more capacities in oncology and hormone production. We are looking forward to more interesting discussion and exiting projects during the next days.


Interpack 2017

We are taking part in the Interpack trade fair in Duesseldorf for the third time to present our most recent innovations in roller compaction. We will display the following machines.

PACTOR® Line of Products
The PACTOR®-technology developed by GERTEIS® facilitates the processing of sensitive and problematic pharmaceutical formulations. One of its most noteworthy qualities is the process orientated machine design, which results in minimal temperature being applied onto the product and the possibility to process formulations with a density below 0.1 g/ml. The combination of an adjustable press roller design, roller gap control and the arrangement of the feeding system is unique on the market and permits consistent and reproducible process parameters. The streamlined machine concept allows for easy scale-up and site transfer. Ultimately, the Pactor® dry granulation system offers you the highest flexibility available on the market.

Macro-Pactor® Type C
The Macro-Pactor® is a production machine with a capacity of up to 400kg/h and a minimum quantity of 500 g for laboratory trials. Due to its contained machine design, the displayed Macro-Pactor makes it possible to keep OEL values down to 1 µg/m3.

The Mini-Pactor® is ideal for R&D and small-scale production since it can process a minimum quantity of 10g in trials but allows for a scale-up of up to 100kg/h.

The POLYGRAN® is a versatile roller compactor with a production capacity of up to 300 kg/h. We will exhibit the latest model with its improved process design and control system.
The Mini-Pactor® will be available for demonstrations as we process placebo on request. Our technical experts will at your disposal for consultation on roller compaction and dry granulation processes and will be on site to answer questions. Dry granulation is the process of the future and a marked trend towards this technology can be observed in the recent years. We at Gerteis are the experts in our field having provided our machines exclusively to the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years. Our machines are specialized in order to match pharmaceutical company’s highest expectations.

See you at the show.


New Customers - Juniper Pharma Services

We are very proud to be able to support Juniper Pharma Services and to help them with key investments for their impressive facility.

The Gerteis Mini-Pactor® was installed and validated a few months ago. The unit provides research and production capabilities from 10g per trial up to 100 KG/H under contained conditions. WIP cleaning will add to the OEL capabilities.

We continue to see CDMOs investing in Gerteis dry granulation technology, the most advanced roller compactor on the market.

The key driver to investing in Gerteis roller compactors is the ability to dry granulate even the most challenging of incoming materials, allowing very fast development times and significantly lower manufacturing costs.

Due to this addition Juniper will extend their ability to offer their clients a world-class drug development service that uses a range of technologies and equipment of the highest specification.



Interphex 2017

For the eleventh time in a row, we were able to be at the Interphex in New York. We had an excellent opportunity to showcase our Mini-Pactor®, as well our Mini-Polygran® Plus machine, which are ideal for R&D.
ChargePoint was also represented in our booth to show their patented split butterfly valves and containers.
We are grateful for the many guests who stopped at our stall and the countless inspiring conversations we had with experts and are looking forward to many more occasions such as this.




Gerteis® - 30 Jahre Qualität und Service

Wir, die Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG freuen uns unser 30-jähriges Jubiläum feiern zu dürfen. Die in Jona, Schweiz, basierte AG wurde 1986 von Paul Gerteis gegründet und ist seitdem zum Marktführer in der Herstellung von Walzenpressen und Trockengranulatoren geworden. Unser Erfolg lässt sich auf verschiedene Gründe zurückführen, allen voran jedoch ihre Produktionswerte: die Zuverlässigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit und Qualität unserer Maschinen sind die Grundlage für den guten Ruf der Firma. Zusätzlich zu unserem Einsatz im Servicebereich und Engagement für die Kundenzufriedenheit, legen wir grössten Wert darauf, das hohe Qualitätsniveau beizubehalten, an welches unsere Kunden gewöhnt sind.

Der Erwerb eines Gerteis® Walzensystems ist eine langfristig angelegte Investition, wobei einige der verkauften Maschinen bereits mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte in Gebrauch sind. Diese Langlebigkeit geht Hand in Hand mit einer nachhaltigen Produktion, da die Trockengranulation eine sehr energiesparende und schnelle Methode ist, ein homogenes Granulat herzustellen.
Die patentierte Walzentechnologie, die von allen Gerteis Maschinen verwendet wird, ermöglicht eine gleichmässige Konsistenz des Produktes und verarbeitet alle Stoffe während des Verdichtungsprozesses besonders schonend.

Über die Zukunft seiner Unternehmung erklärt Paul Gerteis: „Kunden werden mit derselben Sorgfalt betreut, die sie von uns gewohnt sind. Zudem muss die Leidenschaft für unser Produkt, welche uns antreibt, unser Team weiterhin zusammenschmieden.“
Technologische Innovationen und der Wachstum des Betriebs sind zwar ein integraler Teil unserer Firmenstrategie für die nächsten Jahre, doch der Fokus soll die Optimierung der bestehenden Systeme und deren Anpassung an die individuellen Bedürfnisse sein.

Wir bedanken uns von ganzem Herzen für das entgegengebrachte Vertrauen unserer Kunden.



P-Mec Indien 2016

Wir freuen uns mitteilen zu können dass auch die diesjährige P-Mec ein voller Erfolg für Gerteis war.
Die steigenden Besucherzahlen an unserem Stand bestätigen uns in unserem bestreben die beste Trockengranulationstechnologie in dem Indischen Markt zu verbreiten.
Wir freuen uns bereits jetzt auf das nächste Mal!




Im September haben wir ein weiteres erfolgreiches Vertreterseminar durchgeführt. Wir waren sehr erfreut, dass wir den zahlreichen Anwesenden die neusten Entwicklungen unserer Walzenpressen präsentieren- und alle auf den aktuellsten Stand bringen konnten.
Wir Bedanken uns bei allen Anwesenden für die aktive Teilnahme und sehen uns beim nächsten Event!


Vertreterseminar II

Das Rahmenprogramm des Seminars beinhaltete eine Schiffahrt auf dem wunderschönen Zürichsee.
Wir konnten einige gemütliche Stunden bei einem perfekten Sonnenuntergang geniessen.



Powtech 2016

Wir konnten drei äusserst gelungene Tage an der diesjährigen Powtech verzeichnen
Zu unserer grossen freude konnten wir viele bekannte wie auch eine grosse Menge an neue Besucher begrüssen

Wir haben unseren MINI-PACTOR® für die Entwicklungs- und Kleinmengenproduktion ausgestellt. Durch seine neue Softwarearchitektur übersteigt er alles bisher dagewesene im Bereich der Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Prozesstabilität.

Wir hoffen möglichst viele Messebesucher bald bei uns im Hause während dem Seminar wieder zu sehen!



Open house at Grupo Rasch - Mexico

Our first open house event in Mexico City, held at the site of Grupo Rasch, gained a lot of attention and interest in Gerteis’ technology.
The focus of the presentations were the introduction of the dry granulation technology and its merits, as well as demonstrating our machine.

We would like to thank all attendees for a successful event as well as our partner Grupo Rasch for its great organization, smooth execution and cordial hospitality.